Engr. S M Khorshed Alam

President, BACI

(Managing Director, Dienco Ltd)

Welcome to Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry (BACl). BACI is a Govt. approved trade organization which represents the construction industry of Bangladesh. BACI was established on 19th December, 1995 as a Trade Body and registered with the Directorate of Trade Organization (DTO) under the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of Bangladesh (Licence No. 88). It was also registered as a Trade Organization on 25thJanuary, 1996 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC), under The Companies Act 1994. BACI is an “A” class member of FBCCI. It is a non-political and non-profitable organization.
BACI since its inception has been making all efforts to assist its valued members for their performance in a better conforming to design, specifications, quality, time frame and coordination with all the concerned agencies in the government and private sector. With the knowledge, skill and experience, construction companies have long been doing their best even in this competitive edge. However, with the passage of time and global scenario and against stiff competition, our members took their work as challenge and have been successful through so many hurdles and constraints.
In a situation where competition is an indicator about success and failure of the construction works, contractors must keep up with more advanced knowledge and skill specially the technological component. More they are efficient enough on these aspects they will earn success and fame. Their success will make them happy to work with more energy and encouragement.
The construction industry sector needs more skilled workers and that will be a strong point for the procuring entities in the government and the private sector. Opportunities are available and there are threats from within and outside but one must have determination and conviction to improve as and when required.
Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry (BACl) as a platform for all the construction companies of Bangladesh is the signified alliance of the country’s development partners. BACI is endeavouring to have all the construction companies under the same roof and fight for their rights & privileges for the betterment of the construction sector. So, it’s our moral responsibility as an honourable member of the Association to promote BACI in every occasion.